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Your test kit includes a “Register your kit” card?

-> Please visit secure.verisana.com and follow the instructions in this article.

Your test kit does not include a “Register your kit” card?

-> Not all test kits need registration (or can be registered).

If your test kit does not include a “Register your kit” card, but only a sample form where you can fill out all your personal information, it does not need to be (and cannot be) registered online.

Steps to register on the website:

1. Visit secure.verisana.com

2. Select one of the options available:

  • “New User” – If this is your first Verisana kit that needs to be registered
  • “Log In” – Select this option if you have registered a Verisana kit before


You have multiple kits in one household? Please read this article before starting the registration process.

3. Enter the 10-digit Kit ID that can be found on the “Register your kit” instruction

4. Create an account

5. Enter a unique email address (you cannot share an email address or account with anybody else!)

6. Create a password

7. Enter your personal information and your residential address

Note that some states (NY, NJ, RI and MD) don’t allow home to lab tests and therefore our tests are not available in these states. If you are a resident of those states, please contact our customer service at contact@verisana.com

8. Review the Terms & Conditions (Note that these must be agreed to in order to move forward with the registration)

9. All done! You can now send off your sample.

10. Check your account for updates on your sample.

11. You will receive an email as soon as your results are in. You can view and download them from your account.


Having trouble? View troubleshooting tips


More questions? Contact us at contact@verisana.com