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Cholesterol and Lipids Test

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Our Cholesterol and Lipids Test aids in early detection of the risk of developing cardiovascular and arteriosclerotic diseases by assessing the following markers:

1.) (Total) Cholesterol
2.) HDL protein
3.) LDL protein
4.) Triglycerides
5.) Total-Cholesterol-to-HDL-Ratio

Detecting the risk factors early allows you to make dietary changes and improve your health.

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Who should take the test?

Cholesterol and lipids play essential roles in maintaining our health. However, elevated cholesterol levels can signal an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Keeping a close watch on your cholesterol and lipid levels can assist in fine-tuning your diet, enhancing your overall well-being, and reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The Cholesterol and Lipids Test analyzes the following markers:

  • (Total) Cholesterol
  • HDL protein
  • LDL protein (calculated)
  • Triglycerides
  • Total-Cholesterol-to-HDL-Ratio
How does it work?

Once your order has been processed, you will be sent a blood sample collection kit. You collect your sample from the comfort of your own home and send it right back to our CLIA-certified partner laboratory. We analyze your sample and inform you that your results have been uploaded to your confidential account on our secure website.

What guidance will I get along with my results?

Following the completion of the analysis, you will receive a lab report that includes explanations for the analyzed markers and details on potential symptoms linked to imbalances. Additionally, we strongly advise that you discuss the results you receive from us with your healthcare provider or practitioner.

Moreover, additional information can be found on our website, particularly within various test categories, “health conditions,” and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to

How is my privacy protected?

Samples for our tests are collected in the privacy of your own home. Both we and our partner laboratories (which may be contracted by us to conduct some or all analyses of your test) take customer privacy very seriously.

You will be the sole person with access to this information, and we guarantee that we will not disclose your information to any unauthorized third parties. Additionally, all samples will be disposed of after analysis. Both our Verisana portal for registering kits and receiving results as well as our CLIA-certified partner laboratories are fully HIPAA-compliant.

Test measures
For the Cholesterol and Lipids Test we analyze:
  • (Total) Cholesterol
  • HDL protein
  • LDL protein (calculated)
  • Triglycerides
  • Total-Cholesterol-to-HDL-Ratio
(Total) Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a crucial fatty compound necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies. It circulates in the bloodstream in the form of lipoprotein compounds, known as HDL and LDL. “Total Cholesterol” represents the complete cholesterol content in the blood, encompassing all its various components. Elevated total cholesterol levels may suggest an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. It’s important to emphasize that when assessing total cholesterol levels, one should also consider the individual components (as detailed below).

HDL Protein

HDL, or High-Density Lipoprotein, is responsible for transporting surplus cholesterol from the body to the liver, where it can be eliminated. This is why HDL is often known as “good” cholesterol. Elevated levels of HDL suggest a reduced risk of atherosclerosis development.

LDL protein (calculated)

LDL, or Low-Density Lipoprotein, carries cholesterol from the liver into our body. As this cholesterol can potentially accumulate and linger in our arteries, LDL is often labeled as the “bad” cholesterol. Elevated LDL levels may signal a heightened risk of atherosclerosis.


Triglycerides constitute the primary form of fat within our bodies, serving a crucial role in metabolism and as an energy reservoir. They circulate in our bloodstream, readily offering energy or being stored in adipose tissue for future energy needs. Typically, triglyceride levels are at their lowest after fasting and peak after meals.


The Total Cholesterol-to-HDL Ratio is a measure of the risk for strokes or heart attacks. A lower ratio signifies a reduced risk.

You should check your cholesterol levels frequently if you:
  • have a family history of high cholesterol
  • have high blood pressure
  • are overweight
  • smoke
Sample collection guide

Please read the following instructions in detail, before starting with the sample collection.

Please download the instructions here

  1. Will Furgison
    March 30, 2020

    Great test! Had one at another lab, which was very disappointing. This one is so much better (instructions were easy to understand…) and I will probably do it again in a couple of months to see whether anything changed.

  2. Peter MCD
    October 11, 2019

    I’m a professional health coach and use this test for my clients. It’s easy, fast and the results help me finding the right diet for my clients, regarding their individual metabolic type. They loose more weight and get fit faster than the ones without an individual plan based on this test, so in my opinion it’s totally worth the money

  3. Francis
    July 22, 2018

    Easy sample collection. Thought it would be hard, but it’s actually pretty easy and the instructions were really helpful. Plus the results came back fast and now I’m starting on a new diet and can’t wait to see how it goes.

  4. MK120
    January 21, 2018

    Results came back fast and everything was the way I expected it to be. I’m just starting my new diet right now, so I don’t have final results yet, but it’s looking good so far. The test is not as expensive as similar tests from other labs, but still a lott of money.

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Any Questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this test. Your question is missing? Please contact us at:

What exactly is the Cholesterol and Lipids Test?

The Cholesterol and Lipids Test is a blood test that measures various markers related to cholesterol and lipid levels in your bloodstream.

Why is it important to monitor cholesterol and lipid levels?

Monitoring cholesterol and lipid levels is crucial because they play essential roles in maintaining overall health, and elevated levels can indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What is the significance of (Total) Cholesterol?

Total cholesterol represents the overall amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream and is an important indicator of cardiovascular health.

What are triglycerides, and why are they important?

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood. Elevated triglyceride levels can contribute to heart disease and other health issues, so monitoring them is crucial.

I am not getting enough blood from my finger, what can I do?

In order to draw more blood from your finger, begin by warming your hand under running warm water for a few moments and gently rotate your arm to enhance blood circulation. When it's time to prick your finger, aim for the side of the finger rather than the tip. It's often easier to use the middle or ring finger of your non-dominant hand. To prevent any involuntary withdrawal during the piercing, place your finger firmly on a stable surface. Finally, apply a gentle squeeze and massage towards the fingertip to encourage blood flow.

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