You are using more than 1 kit within one household?

Then please read the following notes carefully to make sure every kit is registered correctly:


1 Separate and unique email addresses

We require separate email addresses to create accounts for each family member in order to prevent confusion on whose results belong to whom. It is not possible to register multiple kit IDs for multiple people within a single, individual account due to privacy and CLIA lab requirements.

2 No switching kits after registration

Be sure not to mix up the kits after online registration is complete. Write down your personal kit ID numbers to be on the safe side. 

3 Check the account you are in

If multiple people use the same computer to enter their accounts, ensure you’re logged into your own account before doing anything! When you’re finished, always log out of your Verisana account to avoid mix-ups.

4 What happens if something gets mixed up?

If you accidentally swap your kit, or anything inside of it (such as sample tube or a sample pouch) your sample will not be processed! Due to CLIA lab requirements our labs will have no other choice but to discard your samples.

5 I accidentally switched kits with someone else. What now?

Please contact our customer service at

Don’t send off your samples, since they would be disposed of anyways.