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Which test should I order?

To find the right test for you, click through our additional product information covered in the categories <Details>, <Symptoms> and <Test measures>. You can also call us at (703) 722 6067 (08:00am - 11:30am EST) or write an email to contact@verisana.com.


Can I also order by phone?

Yes. Please call us at (703) 722 6067 (08:00am - 11:30am EST). The payment in this case is only possible via Paypal. We take your order and you will receive the payment request by mail.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We process orders on a daily basis (apart from weekends and public holidays). You have the possibility to choose between two shipping options: free standard shipping and two day shipping.

The standard shipping option is for free and you will receive your order in 5-7 days. The two day shipping option is only for free when your purchase amount is higher than 100 $, if this is not the case you will have to pay an additional amount of 5 $. Regardless of the purchase amount you will receive your order in 2 days if you have chosen the two day shipping option.


I have not received an order confirmation.

Please contact us to check if your order was registered. We will gladly send you the confirmation again.


My package did not arrive or my order was not completely delivered.

Please contact our customer service team at (703) 722 6067 (08:00am - 11:30am EST) or write an email to contact@verisana.com.


I want to cancel my order. 

The withdrawal period from the purchase of all our items is 2 weeks from the receipt of the goods. Please inform us via mail about the desired cancellation and note the following information:  Laboratory analyzes can only be canceled if the analysis has not yet been carried out. 


How long will it take to receive my findings?

From the day the sample arrives in our laboratory, it takes:

- saliva tests 2 weeks 
- stool tests 2-3 weeks

until the findings are completed.

If you have not received your report after this deadline, please contact us. Please understand that we can not speed up the processing of your sample.


How do I get my findings?

You will receive your findings via mail.


Can I get advice for my test result? Can you tell me what remedy to take?

For legal reasons, our findings do not include individualized therapy recommendations. 

If you have any questions regarding the understanding of your findings, please contact our laboratory team.


I forgot to put the sample dispatch note in the package when sending the sample back.

Please send us the completed and signed dispatch note, preferably by mail to contact@verisana.com. Unfortunately, we can not complete your sample without a dispatch note.


I take medication. Can this affect the outcome?

That depends on the test you want to carry out and the medications you are taking. In case of doubt, please ask your doctor regarding the areas that are influenced by the medication prescribed by him and do not stop taking your medication without consulting him.


My cycle is so irregular that I can not determine when being about one week before the menstruation.

If you can estimate when you are going to be in the second cycle phase, the test should be carried out in this second cycle phase.

If that also can not be assessed, samples can be taken on any day. However, in this case we can not classify whether progesterone and estradiol are in the normal range as this is dependent on the cycle phase.


I would like to do the test on a Friday/weekend,

but in the instructions it is written that you should send the samples only at the beginning of the week. 

It is best to store the samples in the fridge or freezer and send them out next Monday. So they do not stay at the post office over the weekend.


How long can you store or use saliva samples?

In principle, it is recommended to send the samples back as soon as possible after collection. In the refrigerator the samples last several weeks, frozen they even last months. Samples that are being transported for a longer time can still be used up to two weeks after collection.


What is the difference between a hormone saliva test and a blood hormone test, and why can the results vary widely?

Hormone saliva tests and blood hormone tests are two different test types. In contrast to saliva tests, blood tests are unable to differentiate the protein-bound (inactive) from the freely available and active hormones and thus give an approximate value.Therefore, the results of saliva tests and blood tests are not comparable with each other.


Measuring bio-available, free hormones

In comparison to the measurement of the bound, biological, inactive steroid hormones in blood, the determination of the steroid hormones using a salivary hormone test has the following essential advantages. When using saliva for the determination of the hormones, the free bio-available proportion of the hormones is measured. This is the part of the hormones that is not attached to proteins and which can be actively used by our cells, for example in the brain, the uterus or skin. 


Easy sample collection without supervision

The collection of the saliva sample is neither restricted by a certain place, nor by the consultation hours of your doctor, meaning you can collect the samples everywhere (at home, at work, under way). Hormones are periodically released in bigger amounts over the course of the day and are subject to daytime fluctuations, making it sensible to take mixed samples at different times during the day to obtain an average value.

In comparison to blood tests the saliva samples have a high stability because the accuracy of the results is not manipulated by being stored over several days (about a week) or by room temperature. In the refrigerator (35-46°F) or the freezer (-4°F) the durability of the samples is extended by weeks (refrigerator) or months (freezer). Blood, on the other hand, must be cooled and sent to the laboratory as soon as possible. To avoid a reproduction of the bacteria, the saliva samples should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until dispatch. A continuous freezing and thawing of the samples has no effect.


Pain-free experience

Due to a non-invasive sample collection, patients experience neither pain nor stress, in contrast to a blood test, where the puncturing of a vein is necessary.
Consequently, the negative associations, such as the fear of needles or seeing blood, and pain or bruises (hematomas), involved with the puncture of the needle are completely eliminated.

This particularly is an advantage when dealing with children, young or frightened patients. Due to the non-invasive sample collection (no puncturing with needles necessary!) no medical assistance is needed.


Flexbility & Round-the-clock collection

Due to the temporal and spatial independence of the sample collection, the saliva sample can be collected at times that may have posed problems with the collection of blood samples, for example several times a day or at night. The salivary hormone test eases the creation of daily, nightly or monthly profiles. In this case the samples can be collected several times a day (for example for the recording of the daily rhythmic fluctuations of cortisol), in the night (e.g. melatonin and cortisol at 2 am in the case of sleeping disorders) or daily over a month (e.g, estradiol and progesterone over the monthly cycle in the case of a pre-menstrual syndrome).


How long can you store or use stool samples?

Stool samples need to be analyzed as soon as possible after collection, as they only last for a couple of days. To ensure that, please make sure to collect the samples on a monday and post them the same day. You can keep them in the refrigerator on that day until they are shipped (do not freeze). We check the collection date of every sample arriving, making sure the sample is not too old. If, for some reason, the shipping took longer than expected and the sample is too old to ensure correct results, we will contact you immediately and send you a new test kit.


I take probiotics. Does this affect the outcome?

Taking probiotics means supplying bacteria to your body. In conclusion, carrying out a stool test while taking probiotics will make it unpossible to distinguish the amount of natural and unnatural bacteria in your gut. If you aim to find out about the amount of natural bacteria in your gut, we recommend you to stop taking probiotics two weeks before carrying out the stool test. 


Does the gluten intolerance test also show a reaction when I am on a gluten-free diet?

No, you should consume food that contains gluten during the days before taking the sample to get a meaningful result.


Does my health insurance company cover my test?

Unfortunately, Verisana is not contracted with any insurance companies right now. Therefore most health insurance companies won't cover our tests. It depends however on the individual company, as some do cover at-home health tests as well. Since our tests don't require an office visit, the end price is typically lower than out-of-pocket costs you would usually have with such office-lab tests.

Can you check with my insurance company to find out whether they cover your tests?

No, unfortunately not. As every insurance policy is unique, it's always best to talk to your insurance company directly to learn more about which test falls under your insurance coverage. 


How can I find out if my insurance covers your tests?

Even though you might find some information on the internet, it's always better to reach out and contact your insurance company directly to discuss coverage. Otherwise you might get incorrect information due to the huge variety of different policies and health insurance plans that can be found online. 

Below you will find contact information for some of the major health insurance providers. A contact number should also be written on the back of your insurance card, in case your company is not listed here.

Aetna - (800) 872-3862

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) - Dependent on location, click here to learn more.

Cigna - (800) 997-1654

CMS (Medicare / Medicaid) - (877) 267-2323

Humana -  (800) 833-6917

United Healthcare - (866) 633-2446


What is the price difference to Medicaid?

Our prices are usually lower than the out-of-pocket costs you would have when going to an office for similar tests. And Medicaid usually won't cover health tests like the ones we offer.


What are typical lab costs for traditional tests?

For traditional tests, you usually have to pay the physician costs for the office visit, as well as the lab costs. Most offices hace very complicated pricings, making it hard for the consumer to understand what exactly they are paying for. Plus, the pricing can vary dramatically by laboratory, office, test type, your insurance company, etc.. That is why can't tell what similar tests like ours would cost out of pocket in a normal lab office. And this is also the reason why many consumers are hit with unexpected bills afterwards. Verisana is doing everything to assure transparent pricing and clear communication. With us you know the exact price BEFORE purchasing the test you need.



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