How does the Verisana Health Club membership work?

Here’s a breakdown of our Health Club membership works:

  1. Sign up for our Health Club through our product page and check-out as usual.
  2. Congratulations: You are a member of our Health Club now!
  3. We charge you a rate of $200 per month and ship you a new kit every month.

You cannot ‘mix and match’ or swap out tests within the Health Club Plan. Our health practitioners created this Health Club and the specific order of the tests to provide optimal health benefits. Changing the order of the tests is not possible.

Subscription Cancellation Policy

You’re welcome to cancel your Health Club membership at any time given you meet the following requirements:

  • We are given 48 hours notice (to ensure we’re able to process your cancellation request in a timely fashion). Example: If your membership renews itself every 5th of a month, you need to cancel your subscription until the 3rd. Otherwise the cancellation won’t come into effect until the next month.
  • Important to note – Test kits ordered under a subscription are not eligible for refunds or returns.


Why do you have this policy? 

This policy is in place so that people don’t take advantage of the discount pricing which the members of our Health Club receive. We want to make sure our Health Club is affordable for those who believe in the merits of regular testing.