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Time to take back control over your health.

With our home-to-lab health tests, you can find out the true root causes for your health issues. We help you to choose the right diagnostic panels for understanding your symptoms.

How it works

How do the Verisana Lab tests work?

How does it work How does it work How does it work
Get the right test kit for you

We offer the diagnostic panel for your health issues. Order online and we'll ship the test kit to your home or office address.

Collect your sample

Collect the sample from the comfort and privacy of your home – no medical oversight required. Ship it to our lab for the analysis.

Receive results

We'll have your sample tested and you'll receive a lab report with detailed explanations about every marker analyzed.

How does it work How does it work How does it work

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What people think about our lab tests

Kundenmeinung – Ursachen für Schlafstörungen mit Labor-Diagnostik Kundenmeinung – Ursachen für Schlafstörungen mit Labor-Diagnostik – T Kundenmeinung – Ursachen für Schlafstörungen mit Labor-Diagnostik – M
Finally no more sleeping disorders.

I had been suffering from sleeping disorders for almost 10 years, despite multiple doctor visits. Very frustrating! Verisana’s hormone test helped me to understand that hormonal issues (cortisol) were the actual root causes – and they even supported me in finding a good specialist to create a custom treatment plan for me.

Margaret M. – Pensionist
testimonial Max U Success story Leaky Gut - Max M. Ursachen für Nahrungsmittelintoleranzen per Labortests identifzieren – Kundenmeinung – M
Goodbye food intolerances!

All of a sudden, I couldn’t eat carrots anymore – although them being one of my favorite foods ever. Thanks to the gut health test, I found out that my microbiome was completely imbalanced, leading to a “leaky gut”. With that knowledge, I changed my diet and found great probiotics to solve this issue. Today, I can finally eat carrots again!

Max U. – Radio host
Testimonial – Labortests Testimonial – Labortests labtest-testimonial-2-M
Early menopause

I always had issues with my menstrual cycle (irregular, at times PMS), so I wasn’t really surprised when things got even worse after entering the menopause. The good news is that I learned that it doesn’t have to be this way – after learning about my hormonal imbalances from Verisana, I was able to see a specialist that helped to make this phase of my life a lot more relaxed.

Cindy S. – High school teacher
Testimonial – Labortests ohne Wartezeiten Success story stress insomnia – Joe O. Ich bin ein Mann
Easy & comfortable tests

For me, Verisana’s home-to-lab tests are the best as they are just so convenient. They allow me to collect samples in private, without any commuting to a clinic or annoying waiting times. Samples arrive within a few days and they are also super easy to understand for people like myself without a medical background.

Cameron O. – Editor
Testimonial – Health practitioner Testimonial – Health practitioner T Testimonial – Health practitioner M
Great basis for all my treatment plans

As a natural doctor, I believe that diagnostics and understanding the root causes are super essential before actually treating a patient’s health issues. That’s why I trust Verisana – their tests are very comprehensive, easy-to-understand for patients and also come at a reasonable price.

Christin M. – Natural doctor
The Verisana promise
Reliable Quality

Our diagnostic tests are based on reliable and well-established methods, undergoing regular quality checks.

Simple & Private

No more waiting in clinics or practices, no more unwanted questions and looks – you decide what should be tested and collect samples from the comfort and privacy of your home.

We Are Your Health Partner

We are more than just a lab – we make it our mission to support you throughout the journey of improving your health and well-being. We are your partner in everything related to your health!

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